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Edward Gordon Alexander

Gordon Alexander

Gordon Alexander

Dr. E. Gordon Alexander (1901-1973) was a distinguished ornithologist and orthopterist, whose research resulted in publications that ranged from keys to the grasshoppers of Colorado, to descriptions of the general adaptations used by organisms living along altitudinal gradients, to articles on the biogeography of birds and grasshoppers of the Front Range and Rocky Mountain regions of Colorado. Dr. Alexander was a professor at the University of Colorado (CU) from 1939 to 1966, where he headed the Biology Department for nearly 20 years. For a brief period, during World War II, Alexander was also the acting head of the CU Natural History Museum. During his tenure at the University, Alexander also had 36 masters and 10 doctoral students.

During the spring and summer seasons of 1958-1960 Gordon Alexander conducted an extensive survey of the grasshoppers that were found along an elevational gradient within Colorado's Front Range (Alexander and Hilliard 1969). This project resulted in the processing of thousands of grasshoppers and led to the creation of a very important voucher collection. This collection is now housed in the CU Museum of Natural History's Entomology Section.

This biography introduces Gordon Alexander as a person and as a biologist and teacher. It includes information about his youth, his time teaching in Siam, and his years at the University of Colorado.

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